Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winter 2011

Well not everyone enjoys having the "belly pic" taken; but it is scientifically proven (of this I'm sure) that everybody else enjoys looking at them! Actually, this is Jude's first attempt at photography.The birth of the newest addition is rapidly approaching and we are excited!!! Here are a few pics of her nursery. This is the softest bedding ever, lets hope this will entice her to sleep long nights :)

In February we "enjoyed" a little snow. Scott and I both actually ended up with a few days off work. While Scott and I found the weather a little chilly, these two kiddies had a ball. Thanks Aunt Dodo! Jude was having such a great time we had to bribe him back into the house with a big bowl of snow so he could play in the bathtub. He was having a blast.

Look at this cute boy. The past few weeks have been awesome. I don't know if Jude is excited about being a big brother or if he is trying to get as much attention as he can before the new baby arrives, but he has been awesome on all fronts. Eating, sleeping, attitude, etc. everything has just been so easy and fun.
As you can see from the previous picture, Jude has got some hair. I decided he needed a little trim.....

and he ended up with a pretty crazy 'do. Lets just say we had to have a second haircut a few weeks later.

This is clearly a picture taken before the second haircut, but just highlighting Jude and his new love of food. He has seriously been an eating machine. We weren't sure if he would ever show interest in actually eating and feeding himself.
"... mmmm, that's delicious"
The past month Jude has been really interested in dinosaurs. Here he is at the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History digging for dinosaurs. Super fun.

Bedtime stories and a little nonsense.

This trio is about to become a quartet. Bring it on, I think we are ready!

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Lacey said...

pleasantly surprised at the updated blog! jude is such a cutie. love love the nursery!! hope birdie is enjoying the soft bedding. it does look comfy. we can't wait to meet her!